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Fanfiction: Life As I Knew It

Bree, 22, USA
Spending too much time on the internet obsessing over boybands, One Direction, and most importantly Harry Styles.
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Anonymous asked
I just found out that one of my guys Friends that I have a crush on has a gf... Plus he's moving out of the school we're in. I don't know what I was thinking in the first place. I always knew nothing would ever happen between us. Not even the slightest bit. I'm not good enough for him. I'm not his "type". I'm so ugly and fat. I'll never know how it feels like to be loved by a guy. Maybe till I lose 10 lbs or something. But y can't anyone like me for me?

Shhhh, don’t say that love! I promise you whatever you think is so very untrue. I don’t need to see a photo to know you are truly beautiful and a caring and kind soul. I truly stand by the greatest and kindest people are the meanest on themselves.
Don’t ever compare your face/body/personality to someone else. No two people look alike…hell even identical twins don’t look exactly the same.

Liking someone takes guts because you have to acknowledge the fact you care and are willing to let them in. That takes bravery. So what if he didn’t like you? I promise you there are people that have liked you that you didn’t like back. It happens. We all like different people. Don’t let a guy decide whether or not you are worthy. Make it that they are worthy enough for you. You are a truly great person because you care.

I can also tell you that until you love yourself no one can truly love you the way you want to be loved. If you ask anyone there’s things they would change. I used to be 120 pounds and a size 0 and I didn’t see that I was skinny. I didn’t want to see positives in myself. I didn’t love myself. I really did thing if I was skinny enough a guy would like me. He never did. Weight is relative and embracing the way you are is so important but if you ever decide you want to change the way you look do it for you and only you. NEVER change for someone else because then they aren’t loving you for you.

Please love yourself sweetheart. I want you to sit down, grab a notebook/journal/paper and make a list of ten things you like about yourself. Then tomorrow I want you to add 3 more items to that list. Each day wake up and add 3 more. However, before you add to the list say out loud all the things that were on the list. Just keep telling yourself that you are great. It’s okay to compliment yourself. It doesn’t make you conceited. It means you care. Always value your happiness and never stop loving yourself.

I get off work early tomorrow so I want to set up a better queue and finally make more GIF imagines. I also am all for imagine requests I just haven’t gotten any recently so if you have a story in mind you want feel free to send it in!
Also Harry’s abs are looking amazing right now and it’s really exciting….I mean that…I’m actually having chest pains they look so good….I really just want to run my fingers down them.

We worked as hard as we possibly could. We did signings in lunch breaks, promo all over the place…

We worked as hard as we possibly could. We did signings in lunch breaks, promo all over the place…

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